Cabal Maintenance – what to do!

You heard it folks.

Scheduled Downtime: June 10, 2008
Good Day to all e-Gamers!

ALL CABAL ONLINE Game Servers will undergo Scheduled Server Maintenance this June 10th 2008 from 1:00PM until 5:00PM.
Players are advised to please log-off from the game at least 10 minutes before 1:00PM.
Please be reminded that wew il also be inserting the rewards of CABAL Gamers who reached LEvel 30 and 50. As a token of gratitude, all users who reached Level 30 and above will be rewarded with a 1-Day Platimun Service.

Thank you for you continued support and patience. Have a great day ahead!

source: Cabal Online Community Blog

So what are we going to do while waiting? Well we can always go out and bask in some sunshine. Come on… how long has it been since you went out of your mother’s rock? Go out and smell the fresh flowers, traipse around your little garden, give your dog a much-needed walk… go out on a date, please! Contrary to what we would most often rather believe, there is life outside Cabal.

… or we can always spend our Cabal-free time browsing through awesome Cabal Blogs like *cough* *cough* I don’t know, Cabal Nights maybe? XD Contribute to the growing story, submit fanfics of your own, or some fan art that you would like featured… if you don’t like the sun, you can always go around the internet wreaking havoc. So what are we supposed to do while Cabal Online is down for maintenance?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Call your girlfriend / boyfriend up and have sexy time – hey! you were thinking about it!
  • Call your friends up and hang out – if girlfriend or boyfriend is not applicable to your situation
  • Call your dog and give him a bath. Join him if needed.
  • Call your little sister or brother and play with them – how long has it been since you last did this? XD
  • And if all else fail to satiate your longing for Cabal Online — call for pizza.

As for me… I’d probably catch up on some reading and put up barricades in my room. I like the sun, but I don’t want to read under it.

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